SS 4025 w/PKM48
SS 4015
SS 4025
5330 IP
5340 IP
5201 IP

Mitels mission is to be a world leader in creating communications solutions that provide exceptional value to its customers. Their leadership strategy is centered on advancing people-to-people communications in an open distributed and standards based environment.
The SX-200 PBX telephone system is the modular, flexible solution that answers the diverse and growing need of businesses today. The Mitel SX-200ICP can accommodate as few as 10 people but can easily and cost efficiently expand to serve the needs of 600 telephones whether they are in one location or multiple buildings spread across a campus environment. It features Integrated Voicemail, Caller ID, Networking, ACD, Data Connectivity, ISDN and is CTI ready.
The Superset 4000 series.
The most popular digital phone ever offered by Mitel.
Superset 4001
Economical single line digital telephone for users requiring ease of use and basic access to PBX functionality.
Superset 4015
Multi-line entry-level digital display telephone ideal for technical and office staff and call center agents requiring display capability in an economical telephone.
Superset 4025
Enhanced digital display telephone ideal for professional and management staff and call center agents requiring enhanced access to PBX system features and options. Supports ACD functionality.
Superset PKM 48
The Superset PKM 48 programmable key module features 48 additional programmable personal keys for the Superset 4025, and 4150 digital phones.