GPS Vehicle Tracking from Scarsdale Security

GPTrakWhere are the kids? Did mom or dad get lost? GPTrak from Scarsdale Security pinpoints the location of your vehicles so you'll know that they're safe or if there's a problem. GPTrak installs in seconcs into your vehicle and starts sending location reports online. You will be able to activate tracking devices and service for every vehicle in your household or business.

Easily use GPTrak to:

  • View All Vehicle Locations
  • Click-to-Locate
  • Receive Email Notifications for speed violation
  • Alert zones
  • View history and Export Reports

What if the car is started while everyone is asleep? GPTrak provides notifications for ignition events during selected time periods. You'll have the security of knowing where you vehicles are, where they are heading and if the drivers are safe.

GPTrak is easy, smart, and can save lives and property

  • Activate and monitor your GPTrak from your computer or mobile device .
  • Simply login to Scarsdale
  • Easy-to-use mapping software and emergency contact information is provided
  • Set up your own notifications for zone violations, ignition events, speed alerts, setup additional user logins, and more.

Enjoy the following benefits, and more, with GPTrak for your vehicles:

  • Locate or monitor teen and elderly drivers for your peace of mind — and their safety
  • Locate and recover missing vehicles.
  • Manage company vehicles and employees more efficiently
  • Monitor unauthorized use of vehicles

utraqGPTrak is a small vehicle-powered GPS device. It simply plugs into the OBD port found on the bottom edge of the dashboard of most vehicles manufactured since 1996 — eliminating installation challenges found in traditional tracking devices. It can also be switched between vehicles to provide the ultimate in flexibility.

autoproGPTrak Premium uses a miniature vehicle-powered GPS device professionally mounted under the dash of your vehicle and connected to your vehicle's power and ignition system. Contact Scarsdale for purchase, installation and operation information. 914-722-2200


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