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Premier Remote Services

The future of Loss Prevention is here today with remote video services

Virtual Loss Prevention provides premier retail clients higher security and increased confidence knowing that someone is watching or available with both video and remote voice interaction.

This enhanced service primarily uses existing alarm, network, communication and video systems to provide many of the services of an onsite guard, without the expense. Virtual LP is designed to meet your specific needs, but can include any of the services described below.

Confirm your business is safe with Virtual LP strolling (with audio)

Using Virtual LP, we visually inspect and audibly verify a virtual walk-through of your location to confirm all your locations are secure. We check critical assets, inventory, perimeter doors, safes, cash wraps and other areas of risk, and can notify customers and employees they are being monitored for their safety.

Virtual LP Covert Strolling (without audio)

With Virtual LP, we remotely view and listen to activities at your locations. We monitor for employee compliance, check for the presence of unauthorized people and create audit reports for specific loss-prevention and operational issues.

Virtual LP Policy Enforcement (call to store employee via telephone)

It's like being there even when you aren't. We monitor Virtual LP cameras to assure that store policies about engaging customers, product placement, stocking, and other daily tasks are accomplished. We speak with the employee by telephone to advise them of needed actions, or praise them for positive reinforcement.

Virtual LP Interactive Response, Handset or Security Request Button

When an employee uses a handset or security request button, we quickly monitor Virtual LP cameras and microphones. We speak with the employee and step in as necessary. Employees can easily request assistance to monitor a suspected shoplifter or provide a public address security announcement.

Virtual LP Valet Service, including virtual escorts at Opening and Closing

Security is right over your shoulder. Call to activate Virtual LP cameras, scan your area of concern and deliver an audible warning that security is monitoring to ensure the safety of you, your employees and customers.

Virtual LP Vendor Entry Management

To protect after-hours staff and inventory, Virtual LP monitors activities to verify that delivery drivers and cleaning crews are safe from intruders, and promote security when they know their work area is being monitored. Virtual LP can monitor outside vendors during their visit or document their entry and exit times.

Virtual LP Burglar Alarm Verification

We link burglar alarm monitoring with visual confirmation of events at your location. When an alarm is received, we review images and look in to your location. When we confirm an alarm, the police are notified. If nothing is happening, we will reconfirm later. This reduces false alarm notifications and can help with faster police response when intruders are known to be onsite.

If there is a burglary, we'll notify the police while at the same time discouraging the intruders with audio “This is security. The Police have been notified and we have you on video. Put down the merchandise, leave now.”

Virtual LP Back Door Supervision

To combat shrink, Virtual LP can confirm that your back doors are only opened for approved deliveries and normal traffic, like trash removal. When a back door signal is received, we review stored and live images to verify that your back door policies are being followed, and confirm the door is again closed. If we observe an employee carrying boxes to a dumpster, the VIrtual LP system records the event and alerts your emergency contact. Unauthorized persons are advised of security and instructed to leave.

Virtual LP CashBuddySM

Monitor and document cash drops and after hours cash reconciliation with Virtual LP. We can help ensure policy compliance and monitor cash transfer to courier services.

For more information about how Virtual LP can help protect your business, call Jim Mahoney, Director of National Account Sales at 914-722-2926, or email

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