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Scarsdale Online Account Management

Online Account Management gives you everything you need to review and manage your Scarsdale account, including looking in, right from your computer or mobile device.. 914-722-2200

Account Management

Manage your account online, whenever you need to

Scarsdale's online business security services give you 24/7 access to your account data, history, maintenance requests and accounting information. You'll have increased security and increased confidence knowing that someone is watching or is available to help at any time using online authorization change requests and online video links. Online services use your secure browser and (mostly) your existing alarm, network, communication and video systems linked to our Alarm Centers. Online Account Management includes the following services:

Accounting and Billing 

Now, you can view or print Scarsdale invoices for installation, maintenance or other services. You can make direct payments from your bank account, credit or debit card (secured number); or use the information as guidance for mail-in payments. Account representatives are available during weekday office hours to assist you with any questions.

Passcode and User Maintenance 

You can input your passcode and call list information for review and implementation by our Alarm Center staff. If your equipment also needs these changes, we can schedule the changes remotely and advise you when the work order is completed.

Maintenance Request Monitoring 

Our Customer Care representatives work with you and our Alarm Center operators to make sure your systems are online. Your maintenance requests are logged and visible, together with our notes on our activity to resolve the issue. Customer Care is available during regular business hours, assisted by our Alarm Center staff at other times.

Video View

Online Account Management lets you connect to our secure Data Centers to view and confirm video data for your monitored video systems.

Signal History

A complete signal history of your monitored alarms or supervisory systems is maintained online, along with our notes and activity logs, for your review at any time. Our Alarm Center operators are available to answer your questions about your security signal activity 24/7.

Equipment User Guides, Video Training

In addition to help from our Customer Care team and Alarm Center staff, user manuals for specific equipment are available here. If you don't see the manual for your device, email with your request and we'll find the document you're looking by the next business day.

Contact Scarsdale Security

Call 914-722-2200 for a comprehensive review of your security and facility management requirements. Find out how easy it can be to manage your account online.